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Tug of War and Keep Away

A few days ago I washed the pups old but beloved stuffed, (well mostly unstuffed since part of the “fun” of these toys seems to be taking the stuffing out) animals. When they were dry I scattered them on the floor and stood back to see what would happen.  Belle was the first to make her choice.  Then a couple of minutes later they began a three way tug of war.  Finally Bess got a little sassy as only little sisters can and taunted her sisters with the prized toy of the minute in a glorious game of keep away!  They all had a fun time.

Freshly Washed Toys!

Freshly Washed Toys!


So many to choose from


Three way tug!


Hey, girls look what I have!


Do you want it?


Nope I don’t think so!

Sneaky Pups!

We have sneaky, sneaky pups! This morning Belle came up to me while I was working at the computer and gave my hand a little lick. I turned to her and said “Belle, do you need some loving” and proceeded to pet her. She sat by me for a few seconds then replied in her doggy way, “No, I just wanted to take your attention away from Bonnie so she could snatch the washcloth off of the table.” “I’m going to go play with her now!”

I went into the living room to find both pups having a wonderful time playing a slow motion version of tug of war. When they saw me little Miss Belle, who had the wash cloth at that moment shook it off of her head so that it fell to the floor and looked at me as if to say,”Come play! This is fun!”

Of course we all know that when I traded the pups one of their toys for the washcloth so they could continue their game they promptly lost interest.

Oh you pups!