Bonnie and the CGC Test

It dawned on me that I never let you folks know how Bonnie pup did with the CGC Test earlier this week.

After several weeks of class and practice she did much better than I could have ever imagined.  Our Bonnie is a tad bit stubborn and thoughtfully thinks about the commands she is given. She tends to subscribe to the “what’s in it for me” theory and I mistakenly waited until we were too close to the test to practice the commands without treats.  And for my Bonnie pup an excited “That’s my girl” hugs and loves doesn’t quite have the same effect as awesome yummy treats.  Yet another lesson learned.

There were several tasks on the test that I knew Bonnie wouldn’t have a problem with but the thing that amazed me was the fact that she passed the polite greeting task. Meaning that when I was greeted and she was greeted she did not jump up on the person. People who know us and our pups understand that is huge and to be honest when she didn’t jump and a bit later sat without a treat I looked at her with a “are you sure you are my dog” look.  Thankfully she didn’t notice.

Bonnie came close but did not pass the test.  We know what we need to work on and hope to retake the test sometime in the not too distant future.   Bonnie pup I’m very proud of you, you did good!



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  1. What a nice picture of her. She looks quite serious — almost like a school snapshot. You were very proud of her. She did the commands without a treat — wow! Well, with the practice the test will go well in the future. Let us know when Bonnie is due for her exam.
    All of you have a good weekend. Carolyn

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