We Interrupt This Night Of Sleep For A Thunderstorm

So…two things happened at the same time last night at 2:00am. I woke up to three golden retrievers standing on and around me and I heard a very loud close crack of thunder.  Lora our trainer would be proud, as I was coming out of the fog of sleep I heard myself say, “Yea! Thunder!…

After I persuaded the pups that I was awake and to get off of me, I got up to go shut windows closely followed by three 4 footed window shutting supervisors.  When we final made it down the stairs  we woke up Lucy kitty who could have cared less about the storm and let us know we were disturbing her sleep. Sorry Girl!

Windows shut I told the pups that it was still bedtime and we were going back to bed. They again closely followed me back up the stairs to bed where they proceeded to let Greg know all that was going on. After a bit with several Yea thunders and “it’s fine” added to the mix we managed to get everyone settled down and when we turned the lights back off Bonnie was curled up between Greg and I, Belle was on the floor as close to my side of the bed as she could get, and Bess stationed herself in hallway where she occasionally would snuffle growl at the distancing thunder.

Thinking back on it the pups woke us up in a manner true to their personalities.  Bess stood on me and expected me to get up. We are still working on the fact that something being stood on by a 50 + pound pup doesn’t move too easily, pretty much the way if we stand in the way of the door it won’t open. She starting to understand, it takes time.

Belle maneuvered between me and Bess and alternatively licked my face and used her head with all of her 60+ pounds behind it to nudge me off of the bed.  Bonnie also 60+ pounds was on the bed getting some licks in but upon seeing her sisters getting the job done decided to let them take care of it.

All in all it didn’t take too long maybe 45 minutes to get everyone settled back down. Just enough of an interruption in sleep that Bonnie at 6:00am is already taking a nap!

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  1. — Should we be thankful for uneventful nights? I guess so! Your night was one you will not forget and hopefully will not be repeated again for a while. Picturing your description of last evening is enough to make me tired and wondering how much rest you got before the alarm went off. Were your three siblings afraid of thunder and lightning? ( I can remember taking a 15 minute siesta at lunch time in a quiet corner when I worked at the workshop.)
    It was interesting the positions they took after it was back to bed time.
    See you!

    • Hi Carolyn, Yes, the girls were afraid of the storm which is why they woke up. It only took about 45 min or so and we were all back asleep. Although I must admit a 15 min nap during my lunch hour right now sounds tempting 🙂 Yes the positions were interesting they chose those places because they were still uneasy about the storm. See you tonight!

  2. Lexi here. Excellent job! I am glad that I am never afraid of anything. I am Lexi the brave. Oops, Mom said that instead of bragging, I should tell you her story about helping an elderly schnauzer she was keeping while her person was on vacation. Mom woke up in the middle of the night from the dog shaking so hard in the bed next to her. Mom realized it was storming, so she held her and rocked her and sang little songs to her for about an hour, then they both went peaceably back to sleep. A week or so after her person picked her up, Mom got a call asking what she had done to her dog. Her person told Mom that she wasn’t afraid of thunderstorms anymore. She must have remembered how nice it could be during a storm. So keep making it a good experience and they will eventually feel that instead of fear. 🙂

    • Hi Lexi the Brave! Tell your mom that I loved hearing about how she helped the visiting pup stay calm through the storm. I can just picture it 🙂 Thank her for the encouragement too. Our pups are on vacation while we help out at our daughter ‘s and her family as they wait for the any minute arrival of their baby girl. I called to check on our pups and they must be remembering our thunderstorm parties because a storm had just gone through and they did fine. We’re heading in the right direction at least!

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