4th of July Weekend

We had an incredibly busy and fun family time over the 4th of July holiday weekend. We have 6 grandkids most of whom are still pretty little.  Our pups although loving and sweet are still a bit, ok a lot,  rambunctious for our little ones so the pups don’t  interact with the kids very much yet.  Some of the kids like to look through the window of the pup porch door and say “hi” or play “find it” as long as the child gate is in between them.   Bonnie and Belle pups who are 3 years old usually settle down after about 5 minutes but 5 minutes is still proving to be too long.  Bouncy Bess  10 months old takes much longer than that but I am confident that with time, patience and perseverance the pups and kids (that want to) will one day be able to be in the same room at the same time. 🙂

The precious little people in our life.

The precious little people in our life.

Of course the pups came in at night and slept up in our room with us like they usually do. This morning though when it was time for them to go out into their pup pen, Bonnie told me that ” she didn’t think she would go outside today. She was perfectly fine on the couch and would like to stay there thank you very much.”  I convinced her that she would have a lot more fun outside and out she went with a ” Okay! FINE! look on her face. 🙂

Last night before going to bed Bess started to bark at something on one of the kitchen chairs, fully expecting to see one of the kitties I saw this instead.

Lab Puppy

Lab Puppy

One of the girls had put the lab puppy toy on the chair so he could eat supper and to Miss Bess he seemed real!   It took awhile to convince her that it wasn’t real and a bit longer to convince her that he was a people toy and not a Bess pup toy!

As for the fireworks I was happy for the pups sake that we live far enough out of town that they didn’t seem to be bothered by last night’s fireworks although there are more tonight so we’ll see how they do. Since this afternoon they haven’t let either Greg or I out of their sight so they might not care about the tonight’s fireworks either. Time will tell.

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  1. Margret,
    Those are the best pics.
    Each time the grand kids come, they will see the pups and kitties and their relationships will develop. Wow, you have a big family!!!! — glad Bess realized that the company didn’t leave a dog behind!

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