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4th of July Weekend

We had an incredibly busy and fun family time over the 4th of July holiday weekend. We have 6 grandkids most of whom are still pretty little.  Our pups although loving and sweet are still a bit, ok a lot,  rambunctious for our little ones so the pups don’t  interact with the kids very much yet.  Some of the kids like to look through the window of the pup porch door and say “hi” or play “find it” as long as the child gate is in between them.   Bonnie and Belle pups who are 3 years old usually settle down after about 5 minutes but 5 minutes is still proving to be too long.  Bouncy Bess  10 months old takes much longer than that but I am confident that with time, patience and perseverance the pups and kids (that want to) will one day be able to be in the same room at the same time. 🙂

The precious little people in our life.

The precious little people in our life.

Of course the pups came in at night and slept up in our room with us like they usually do. This morning though when it was time for them to go out into their pup pen, Bonnie told me that ” she didn’t think she would go outside today. She was perfectly fine on the couch and would like to stay there thank you very much.”  I convinced her that she would have a lot more fun outside and out she went with a ” Okay! FINE! look on her face. 🙂

Last night before going to bed Bess started to bark at something on one of the kitchen chairs, fully expecting to see one of the kitties I saw this instead.

Lab Puppy

Lab Puppy

One of the girls had put the lab puppy toy on the chair so he could eat supper and to Miss Bess he seemed real!   It took awhile to convince her that it wasn’t real and a bit longer to convince her that he was a people toy and not a Bess pup toy!

As for the fireworks I was happy for the pups sake that we live far enough out of town that they didn’t seem to be bothered by last night’s fireworks although there are more tonight so we’ll see how they do. Since this afternoon they haven’t let either Greg or I out of their sight so they might not care about the tonight’s fireworks either. Time will tell.


I just have some random snippets to share from over the past few days.

Our 3 year old grandson isn’t sure yet about our feisty energetic  pups, and enjoys them the most with a door between him and them which is totally fine.  The other day while watching the pups wag their tails as they looked at him. He said their tails look like they are clapping. After he said that I took a closer look and when their tails bumped they did indeed look like they were clapping!

He and the rest of his family brought the pups a couple of tennis ball launchers because his aunt has one for her pup and he thought our girls should have them too.   I am hopeful that the next time he visits, that from the height of his grandpa or daddy’s arms he will want to launch the tennis balls for the pups to chase and will feel comfortable playing with the pups because I know the pups want to play with him!

The pups always sleep with their stuffingless foxes and this morning when I opened their crate doors, I noticed Bonnie took hers went to Belle’s crate laid it in her crate and picked up Belle’s and ran to the pup cushions to play with it.   A while later though I noticed that Belle and gotten hers back.   I had to laugh though that Bonnie traded hers for Belle’s.

This morning while working on the computer I have been interrupted twice by the pups and their “requests”.  It’s made me aware once again of the differences in our nearly identical pups.  Bonnie comes up and true to her nature head bumps my arm when she wants to be loved on. Belle on the other hand true to her nature will come up and gently lick my hand as a request for some loving.  Two totally different personalities, both equally loveable and precious!

Good Morning!

Good Morning from Linus!


Love from Bonnie and Belle

Love from Bonnie and Belle

This and That

We have been very busy with the 2 legged people in our lives over the past few weeks. Our son in law’s father passed away suddenly so I spent several days helping out with our two oldest grandsons so the adults could take care of everything else.   Greg came down for the visitation and funeral and helped out as well.   Besides spending time with the kids I got to know our Granddog Patch better.  He is a Brittney spaniel mix with a big, big heart who loves to play.  At 8 months he tops both of our pups and is going to be a big boy.

While we were gone our tax refund check came and it had been placed up high where our pups couldn’t get to it…well we learned the hard way that things need to be place higher up than we thought as Miss Belle decided that she liked the crinkle of the envelope.  Greg took what was left of the check to the bank along with the joke about you know when your dog eats your homework… The bank referred us to the IRS. We are in the process of replacing the check.  Oh Pups!

Easter was this past weekend and we had a lot of family and extended family and friends in and out during the weekend.  Because our 5 grandkids are still very little (6 years-to almost a year) and our pups are still very boisterous the pups while the kids were up and about spent a lot of time in their puppy pen where they had a steady stream of company.

 Lucy Kitty is shy and pretty much hung out in the basement but she did venture upstairs during the late evening hours for her cuddles and gentle tummy rubs.  Linus Kitty on the other hand was up and around the action much more. He clearly favored our 5 year old grandson who enjoyed cuddle time with Linus during our early morning snuggle times.

As I write this Bonnie has been ringing the “gotta go out” chime in hopes that her sister who isn’t quite ready to wake up will go out with her. I answered the summons and let Bonnie out but she wanted right back in so that’s my indication that she wants Belle to go out with her.   Give her a few more minutes Bonnie pup.

Due to medication I am on for a bout of bronchitis I had trouble sleeping last night and Lucy kitty kept me company.  I was in a room and had the door almost shut when Lucy wandered in and upon hearing Linus who wa coming to investigate stood up on her hind feet and shut the door so Linus couldn’t come in.  Lucy clearly wanted some alone time with me, which was just fine.  She is good company and listening to her rumbly purrs serve to help me relax and get sleepy.

I would love to hear about the special 4 legged family members in your life.



Updates and Changes

Cuddle buddies

Cuddle buddies

Since our last post several things have happened.

Bonnie is no longer afraid to jump into the van. Greg figured out a can’t resist treat and played “find it” by tossing cooked chicken closer and closer to and finally into the van. At one point our slightly stubborn pup was up on her hind feet firmly on the ground with her body, neck and finally tongue stretched as far as she could go to get that yummy treat. The next time the treat landed far enough in the van that she had no choice but to jump in. They repeated this several times and that’s all it took.

Belle loves going to Rural King. When Greg gets home early enough from work, he has been taking Belle to Rural King. They walk around and explore the parking lot (she is on her leash) then venture inside where there are lots of people who want to greet her. She is a little cautious when meeting folks but after a couple of seconds she is all about the attention they are giving her. And if they want to throw in a tummy rub, well that’s ok too.

We have decided to switch gears with our training and are no longer attending Canine Good Citizen classes. We haven’t given up on our goals of having the pups tested but have decided to work on the skills on our own and continue on from there.

This past weekend the pups had fun playing and cuddling with our oldest Grandson who came for a weekend visit. When we returned from taking him back, the pups looked all over the house for their buddy.

Last but not least the pups are totally enjoying the large mud puddle in their puppy pen courtesy of all the melting snow. No explanation necessary except to say that I have been waiting for the snow to go away, (Sh…we won’t talk about the possible several inches of snow we are suppose to get tomorrow night into Wednesday or the next system they are hinting about on Sunday/Monday) and mud puddles are a part of that process so pups splash away!