Bess and the Fly Swatter

So I discovered the yesterday that our Bessie is afraid of the fly swatter.  She’s never seen one before and certainly hasn’t been teased or chased by one.  She was in the kitchen with me when I swatted a fly, she jumped and ran into the other room then turned back with a cocked head to look at me plainly asking what was that thing!   I showed her that it wasn’t anything to be afraid of but she didn’t believe me.

Tonight I had to swat another pesky fly and this time Bess ran down to the basement landing.  I laid the fly swatter down so she could sniff it. She wanted nothing to do with it and didn’t want to walk past it to come back up to the kitchen.  A couple of minutes later Belle pup walked down to the landing, looked at Bess turned and walked back up the stairs past the fly swatter,  through the kitchen, and in to the dining room. The next thing I knew up came Bess from the landing.

Sometimes it takes a big sister to make things a little less scary.  Thanks Belle!

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  1. HI!
    Had a dog afraid of a broom. — must remind them of something else. I am glad that Bess is okay now. Family can help!!!!!!

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