Belle’s First Car Show

We enjoy going to classic car shows. We decided to go to one tonight and in an effort to help Belle become comfortable in new situations we took her with us.

Some of her new experiences included walking across railroad tracks, walking into a crowd of people of all ages. She heard an ambulance siren and loud music. She had a Great Dane come up and try to say hi and was petted and greeted by Bob a good friend of ours.

Overall she did well but about  20 minutes into the event she was starting to get anxious so Greg decided that we had stayed long enough for Belle’s first time.  We finished the night off with ice cream from Johnny K’s which Belle totally loved.

Belle the co-pilot

Belle the co-pilot

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A tired out Belle

A tired out Belle

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  1. Congratulations, Belle!
    You looked so elegant walking along with Greg at the car show. Your golden color was so pretty. How about that ice cream from Johny K’s???? That was the best ending for the evening. ……. Until next time. … Don’t think you could have picked a better evening weather wise!

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