Balloons and Streamers

Bess 1yr

I don’t know why my Margret is so happy this morning, she’s saying something about “balloons and streamers falling from the sky.”

Last night she told me we needed to sleep until the alarm went off this morning. The other last night I discovered that when I stand on her and lick her face to wake her up she doesn’t disapper when she puts her head under that blankey thing, she’s still there!  When I find her she says “it’s still bedtime Bess!”  It was a fun game so we played it a lot.

But I didn’t feel like playing it last night. I was tired and wanted to sleep instead…so I did. But maybe we can play it tonight!

This is Bess signing off.

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  1. YEA! Keep sleeping, Bonnie! It’s an excellent idea! She is so precious that you can’t help but spoil her a little.

  2. I scratch at the mattress from down on the floor when Mom does that. Oh man does it annoy her. Nothing gets her screaming and out of bed faster. Okay, yes, something does: middle of the night barf noises. But still…it’s a pretty good tactic. You should try it! *ear licks* Noodle

  3. Okay then you are officially my brother! Wait are you going to be a bossy big brother ? because I already have enough bossy siblings in my life. Or are you going to be a let’s have fun kind of brother?

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