Rocking The Cone Of Royalty

IMG_3595One of these pups has an owie, one of these pups has been licking the owie making it worse, and one of these pups got into something my Margret thinks it’s mulberries because she has purple splotches all over her fur.   Can you guess which is which?

I cut myself by my chin last week and it healed just fine, then my sisters in an effort to make it feel better started licking it.  First my Margret wiped this on it.IMG_3592 Bess didn’t like the taste but Belle did.

Then my Margret tried this

IMG_3593 Bess didn’t like it,  Belle didn’t like it…at first but when told leave it will leave it.

Then my Margret saw me scratch my owie and this is what happened next


I like the cheese that I get when my Margret puts the medicine on my owie and I get to stay in the house on the comfy couch during the day.  So I’m thinking there are some perks to rocking this cone of royalty.

~This is Bonnie, “rocking the cone of royalty” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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  1. Are your pups getting smarter all the time? I think so! Their brains never stop with new ideas and not the simple plans that Margret & Greg make. It’s kind of like having kids — only in a way you never, never anticipated.
    Well, Bonnie, enjoy your cone of Royalty, your cheese ( instead of bon bons) and the couch. It won’t last long.

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, My sisters and I do everything possible to keep our Margret and our Greg on their toes. It keeps them sharp for when they are with their big and little people. My Margret hopes it doesn’t last long, so does my Greg, since he works closer to home he gets to come visit me at his lunch time. He says he likes having a mid day break with me but it’s still a 40 minute round trip.

    • Hi Lexi! Yep, but I’m beginning to think there might be easier ways…~nose nudges Bonnie

    • Hi Noodle! Thanks, me too, I’m ready to get rid of this cone that’s for sure! ~nose nudges Bonnie

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