Forbidden Basement Tornado Party

Tonight instead of a thunder party we had a forbidden basement tornado party. The pups and Linus were troopers as we spent a good portion of the evening in the basement. 

When the tornado was getting closer we put their leashes on and I sat with them in their little fenced area we used when they were puppies. They were nervous but they just kind of hung out. Even laying down after awhile.   We were blessed as the tornado came very close and we have some clean up to do but the important things are ok.

 They are all so worn out I almost hate to wake them up to go to bed.

  ~ this is Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. So thankful that you are alright! Along with texting — learning that you are all okay, but the tornado came close!!! Belle, Bonnie, Bess Linus, Lucy, Margret. Greg have experienced so many things together. This is one that they won’t forget and will not want to repeat. Take care and be good today as Margret and Greg will be busy and tired too. Carolyn would like to help, but she would topple over and get in the way. Take care and be careful. My prayers are with you.

    • Thank you Carolyn for the prayers, you know we appreciate them. We got a lot done yesterday and the pups and kitties, including Lucy stayed pretty close but were very good so they listened to you! ~take care, Margret

    • Lexi, the next time we have a forbidden basement tornado party I will remember to include the treats that is a very good idea. Although the pups thought it was pretty cool getting to check out where Lucy kitty spends a lot of her time! ~ hugs and love Margret

    • Thanks Noodle, it was scary and we are hoping we don’t have to have another forbidden basement tornado party for a long time. The pups are trying to convince me to let them explore the basement on a regular basis. I’m thinking Lucy kitty might have something to say about that! ~hugs and love Margret

      • I hope you never have to have a forbidden basement tornado party EVER again!!! So Scary! Yeah, it’s best if they stay away from Lucy. Jamison has his own room in the house now too. NDA – No Dogs Allowed! *ear licks*

      • I sure wouldn’t mind if we never had to have a forbidden basement tornado party again. I think Jamison and Lucy are lucky to have their own room, I’m sure they think so. 🙂 ~ take care, Margret

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