Up For The Challenge

Me and my sisters and Linus Kitty are tired.

My Greg’s leg owie isn’t all better yet and My Margret has a owie on her hand because she had an oops when she was using some scissors. So this weekend they were supposed to take it easy so they could get all better. 

But they don’t sit very good.

So we sat on them.

It’s a tough job but we did it!
~ This is Bess “the taking care of our people” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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    • Hi Princess Leah! Oh, Thank you! A few of the times it took two of us to keep them sitting! ~nose nudges Bess

  1. I would like to have been in on a few of those quiet conversations. — very nice pics. The one snapshot on Greg’s lap has a “Lassie” pose to it. It’s fun to share your down time with pups who are willing to settle in with you also. Hope everyone is getting better. Carolyn

  2. Hi Mrs. Carolyn! My sister Bonnie, loves to pose like Lassie, and does it all the time.
    My Greg and My Margret are getting better, we think it’s because we made them sit!
    ~gentle nose nudges Bess

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