Bath Time!

We had a bath today.                                     My Margret said it was way overdue.

The only one of us that likes baths is my sister Bonnie. She likes them so much that she tried to butt in line twice.

My Margret used my favorite treat to encourage me to get into the tub. It worked this time but I don’t know about the next time.

My sister Bess wasn’t even sure if her favorite treat was worth getting into the tub but finally she did.

After we were finished with our baths My Margret sat with us, brushed us and told us we were her pretty girls.  Bonnie liked being brushed so much she practically sat on her lap.

My Margret is trying to get us used to the blow dryer. She told us we would get dryer faster but it’s loud so we don’t like it. 

All we want to know is, can we come down yet?
~This is Belle “the I don’t like baths” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Our mom broke down and bought one of those super high-powered dryers. With our thick coats, that’s the only way to get us dry. Fortunately, our breeder got us totally used to those at an early age, so we don’t mind it at all. It IS really noisy, so I can see how some pups wouldn’t like it!

    • Hi Cammie,
      I’m glad you don’t mind your dryer. I let My Margret hold it near me for a minute. Maybe next time I’ll let her do it for two minutes.
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  2. Aargh! I saw this bath coming. Thank goodness you all made it out OK. I don’t let Mom blow dry me, either. I prefer to run around like a lunatic rubbing myself and squiggling around on the furniture and the rug.

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake!
      Thanks! We’re glad we did too! After she let us downstairs we did some squiggling around too. ~ nose nudges Belle

  3. Aw, maybe you can all learn from Bonnie. Would a rubber duckie help? Lucy hates baths too. I have to pick her 58 pound butt up and put it in the tub, then hop in after her. I don’t envy Your Margret bathing 3 of you!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy,
      Bess and I think Bonnie is nuts! A rubber duckie might not be a bad idea though I’ll have to ask My Margret about that. Usually My Margret has to lift us in but we’re pretty big for her to do that now so she put our favorite treat in the tub. Maybe Lucy would jump in on her own to get her favorite treat?
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  4. Wait a minute — how many got a bath? — three or was there four bodies? The smile and exhaustion on the one with glasses was worth the picture. And how wonderful you all smelled! Bonnie — you just go and have a bath every week!!! Right? Have fun. Now, it’s over! Thanks for the pics. Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn!
      There were 4 that got a bath and the floor got washed too!
      My Margret was laughing and leaning against the wall because Bonnie was still wet and laying heavily against her because she liked being brushed so much, you can’t see the brush but it’s in her other hand. Such a silly sister I have, Bonnie said to tell you that yes she would love to take a bath every week! ~nose nudges Belle

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