Taker Carer of Our My Greg Pups

We haven’t seen our My Greg in forever, (really it was just yesterday morning)

He had a partial knee replacement yesterday. He came home yesterday too but we didn’t get to come in and welcome him home. We didn’t like that. Our My Margret kept coming out to our pup porch to love us and talk to us so that helped …kinda….not really…

Finally today Our My Margret said we could come in and see him one at a time, she’s bossy like that.

First Bessie came in.

Then Bonnie

Then Belle

He went back into the living room and told our My Margret to let us stay in. She wasn’t sure if that was a good idea but we were really happy to hear that especially Belle who gets to take the first turn being the taker carer of our My Greg. I guess it’s only fair I mean she’s the taker carer pup of all of us.

~ this is Bonnie, Bess and Belle “the taker carer of our My Greg” pups for the pups and kitties.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how quickly someone comes home now from what used to be considered a major surgery! It’s always good to have some therapy pups around, as long as they stay away from the knee. Heel, er heal quickly, My Greg.

    • Yes Amy it is amazing.
      We have all kinds of precautions in place to protect his knee. The pups are being careful too which surprised me, they seem to know they need to be careful. 😊

    • Thank you Cupcake, we’ll give him your message. 😊 ~ nose nudges Bonnie, Bess and Belle

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