Uniquely Her Own, Belle Pup

This girl is our dog, cat, person retrieving taker carer pup.

She has the ability to silently communicate with others and they obey her. (It’s mine this time, Bessie, all mine!) She understands when I ask her to go get whomever I need and again they obey her.

She taught Linus Kitty all he knows about being a golden retriever.

She was squeaker challenged but has proudly mastered the art of tennis ball squeaking…loudly and repeatedly!

While she’s gentle and doesn’t get pushy she doesn’t hesitate to come and let me know what she wants. Whether it be playing fetch with her tennis ball. Three throws and fetches then she tucks it in close by her side. Or asking for a massage complete with tummy rubs. Or letting you know she has a couple of drops of water on her fur and needs to be dried off NOW. She lets you know.

She is unique this Belle Pup of ours.

~this is Belle Pup’s My Margret for the pups and kitties.

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  1. You are 100% the best communicator, B. Mom is never quite sure what the heck I want when I show up and start staring at her. I like to keep her guessing.

    Love and licks,

  2. I love how you are featuring each of the pups. It helps me know them better, rather than just lump them all together as 3 goldens. Belle has some special talents, ones that are also very useful. The picture with her and Linus curled up together is super precious.

    • Thank you Amy, I’m glad you are enjoying the peek at each pup. Lucy kitty was the taker carer of the family then she handed that task over to Belle.who takes it very seriously. l love tbat picture of Belle and Linus too. They were buddies from the minute we brought him home. ūüôā

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