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Updates and Changes

Cuddle buddies

Cuddle buddies

Since our last post several things have happened.

Bonnie is no longer afraid to jump into the van. Greg figured out a can’t resist treat and played “find it” by tossing cooked chicken closer and closer to and finally into the van. At one point our slightly stubborn pup was up on her hind feet firmly on the ground with her body, neck and finally tongue stretched as far as she could go to get that yummy treat. The next time the treat landed far enough in the van that she had no choice but to jump in. They repeated this several times and that’s all it took.

Belle loves going to Rural King. When Greg gets home early enough from work, he has been taking Belle to Rural King. They walk around and explore the parking lot (she is on her leash) then venture inside where there are lots of people who want to greet her. She is a little cautious when meeting folks but after a couple of seconds she is all about the attention they are giving her. And if they want to throw in a tummy rub, well that’s ok too.

We have decided to switch gears with our training and are no longer attending Canine Good Citizen classes. We haven’t given up on our goals of having the pups tested but have decided to work on the skills on our own and continue on from there.

This past weekend the pups had fun playing and cuddling with our oldest Grandson who came for a weekend visit. When we returned from taking him back, the pups looked all over the house for their buddy.

Last but not least the pups are totally enjoying the large mud puddle in their puppy pen courtesy of all the melting snow. No explanation necessary except to say that I have been waiting for the snow to go away, (Sh…we won’t talk about the possible several inches of snow we are suppose to get tomorrow night into Wednesday or the next system they are hinting about on Sunday/Monday) and mud puddles are a part of that process so pups splash away!

Communication Pup Style



I get a big kick out of how Bonnie and Belle communicate with each other. It’s pretty much silent unless they are rough housing then we hear some play grumbles, a few yips, and some short barks.

During playtime I’ve watched them flawlessly pass tennis balls to each other without making a sound. Or when they have snitched something they aren’t supposed to have one pup will pass it to the other one and look at me as if to say, “I don’t have it, she does”

Bonnie likes to have Belle go outside with her and she has been known to ring the “gotta go out” chime then refuse to go out if Belle isn’t beside her. Bonnie then goes to wherever Belle might be and simply looks at her and Belle will sigh, get up and go with her sister outside.

When Belle is ready to come back into the house she waits patiently by the door for us to let her in. Bonnie on the other hand will bop the door with her paw to say “I’m ready to come in now. Please, please let me in”.

If Bonnie comes into the house but Belle isn’t ready yet she has been known to ring the chime to let us know that Belle is ready to come in.

I’ve watched them communicate with each other and us by a gentle nudge, with a look, and sometimes I think with each other at least telepathically.

How do your pets communicate with each other?

Two Pups and a Kitty

Bonnie, Belle and Linus the snuggle bunch

Bonnie, Belle and Linus the snuggle bunch

Welcome to our page! Bonnie and Belle are sisters as well as littermates. They will be 2 years old in June 2014. We got the pups from a reputable kennel when they were 9 weeks old. They are precious loveable stinkers. The pups are pretty identical so Bonnie wears a red collar and Belle wears blue.

We have been through 3 rounds of obedience training and are currently in training to take the Canine Good Citizen test. We have been prayerfully considering training the pups as therapy dogs and time will tell if they are suited for that.

Bonnie is outgoing, mischievous and a bit anxious although she has a big heart. When given a command she tends to think about it for a bit before obeying. We are working on that. She loves to show off her squeaker skills and continually tries to teach Belle how to squeak the tennis ball.

Belle, is a little more laid back, definitely wants to be the “good girl” and for the most part is the first to respond to a command. She is trying to learn how to squeak the tennis ball but is doing very well in catching it and bringing it back to be thrown again. She has been known to take her sister down if Bonnie gets to it first.

Linus is a long hair kitty, he is 8 months old and thinks he is a golden retriever 🙂 Linus and Belle have a special bond although all three of them play and snuggle together. The other day I gave Bonnie the “leave it” command as she was rough housing with Linus, that’s when I realized that Linus was playing just as hard and was being the instigator in the playtime.

Thank you for joining us in our day to day adventures with our two pups and a kitty!