I’M BORED!!!!!

I’m bored.


I have an owie on my tummy.  It doesn’t really hurt but it’s starting to itch, my Margret says it’s because my fur is starting to grow back.  I hope it grows fast because my tummy is cold!

I don’t understand why I can’t do what I want to do!  I can’t roughhouse with my sisters, I can’t sleep upstairs with everyone else, and I can’t go out in the pup pen with my sisters. *Humph!*

My Margret says I can do all of that again as soon as my stitches, whatever they are, come out next week, whenever that is. I just know it’s not right now, and I want it to be!

I do get to see my Greg who comes home from work in the middle of the day to let me out of my crate and play with me. When he goes back to work after our playtime, I get to stay in the house by myself, well not really by myself because Linus kitty is with me.  My Margret and my Greg tell me I’m a good girl because when they come home from work at the end of the day I haven’t done anything I wasn’t supposed to. As if I would, if they only knew that I’m the one who keeps Linus under control… well,I would if he did anything.






I was a good girl!  They told me so.


My sisters and I did get to have our peanut butter Kongs last night and mine tasted really good, although I couldn’t get it to stay still. Then I watched my sisters and saw they were holding their Kong with their paws so I tried that and it went much better.

I discovered last night that if I bark when I’m in my crate my Margret and sisters will come down to see if I’m ok.  I like that!  At midnight I got to go get a drink and run out to the pup pen.  My Margret told me we weren’t going to make it a habit.  I tried it again this morning at 4:00am  but she didn’t come down until 5:00am I’m not sure what a habit is, maybe 5:00am is a habit?


Is it morning? Can I get up yet?

I don’t mind my crate, I have a snuggly blanket, usually at least 2 stuffies and a chewie toy in my crate to keep me company.  I actually go in my crate to snuggle even when I don’t have to. That is when there’s room.

All in all I guess it’s going ok. I mean I am feeling better and my Margret says it won’t be much longer and all will go back to normal.  Now if I can just figure out what a normal is…

This is Bess, signing off for the Pups and Kitties.

*some of the photos were used in previous blog posts, but totally represent the feeling expressed in this blog. m.a.

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  1. Bess’ fur looks like velvet. Her face looks sad and questioning. Soon ( hopefully — very soon for her) this schedule will be a forgotten memory. Everyone enjoyed the Kong — even Margret and Greg enjoyed the “time.” May tonight be peaceful and uneventful!
    Five o’clock is a better time!

    • Yes, 5:00 is definitely a better time. 🙂 I know she does look sad but we’re loving her through it. Looking forward to that peaceful and uneventful evening. Have a good day!

  2. Bess, honey, you look like a very sweet girl and Mommy says she wants to hug you like a big stuffed toy. I hope you get to do what you want when you want. I know “soon” doesn’t compute in our heads, so I won’t say that. *nose rubs” Lexi

  3. Lexi,
    Thank you! Tell your mommy that I like hugs. I’m not sure what a big stuffed toy is though so I’ll have to ask my Margret, she’ll know. I got to play with my sisters out in the snow for a little bit today so my Greg and my Margret are letting me do some stuff but it’s still not enough. They keep telling me just a few more days and that they are ready too! That’s silly they get to do everything that they want to. *sigh*

    *nose rubs* Bess

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