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So Smart it’s Scary!

I had just gotten settled into the recliner for a bit of an afternoon break. Bonnie and Belle pups were on the couch laying together and Bonnie was snuggling with her stuffingless fox. Belle walks over Bonnie to come climb into my lap, tail wagging, happy wiggles and rolls over for a belly rub. Bonnie upon seeing Belle getting some loving can not resist and leaves her fox and climbs up with Belle and I in the recliner. Bonnie proceeds to give me a bunch of pup kisses on my nose, in my ear, deep in my ear and on my cheek. She is very happy to be getting some loving too. Belle in the meantime climbs off my lap back on to the couch and grabs the fox that Bonnie abandoned in her quest to not be left out. Was it by chance? Oh no she knew exactly what she was doing. Oh Pups you are so  smart it’s scary sometimes!


I just have some random snippets to share from over the past few days.

Our 3 year old grandson isn’t sure yet about our feisty energetic  pups, and enjoys them the most with a door between him and them which is totally fine.  The other day while watching the pups wag their tails as they looked at him. He said their tails look like they are clapping. After he said that I took a closer look and when their tails bumped they did indeed look like they were clapping!

He and the rest of his family brought the pups a couple of tennis ball launchers because his aunt has one for her pup and he thought our girls should have them too.   I am hopeful that the next time he visits, that from the height of his grandpa or daddy’s arms he will want to launch the tennis balls for the pups to chase and will feel comfortable playing with the pups because I know the pups want to play with him!

The pups always sleep with their stuffingless foxes and this morning when I opened their crate doors, I noticed Bonnie took hers went to Belle’s crate laid it in her crate and picked up Belle’s and ran to the pup cushions to play with it.   A while later though I noticed that Belle and gotten hers back.   I had to laugh though that Bonnie traded hers for Belle’s.

This morning while working on the computer I have been interrupted twice by the pups and their “requests”.  It’s made me aware once again of the differences in our nearly identical pups.  Bonnie comes up and true to her nature head bumps my arm when she wants to be loved on. Belle on the other hand true to her nature will come up and gently lick my hand as a request for some loving.  Two totally different personalities, both equally loveable and precious!

Good Morning!

Good Morning from Linus!


Love from Bonnie and Belle

Love from Bonnie and Belle

Lesson Learned From Our Pups

Our two pups even though they are sisters and littermates have very different personalities.  Bonnie is slightly impatient and Belle is pretty laid back.  One of the ways this is shown is when they have to go outside to potty, or have the yen to check out what is happening in their puppy pen.  Bonnie will ring the “gotta go” chime and immediately after ringing the chime will turn around and check to see if we are coming and if we aren’t “well hurry up please!”. Image

Belle on the other hand will ring the chime and will stand face toward the door, tail wagging, patiently waiting until we come and open the door for her.  Image

It came to me the other day as I went to open the door that, the pups behavior is a good example of my faith in God and Jesus.  All too often I am like Bonnie, I talk to God about something and get impatient and am like “God did you hear me? “What are you going to do about it?” “When are you going to do something about it?” regarding whatever it is I am talking to Him about. When what I really long to be is more Belle like and just calmly wait for Him to act having the complete confidence and unshakable faith that He will take care any concern that I have in His time and in His way. Which will be far, far better than anything I could possibly come up with.

 I love how God uses the things or in this case the pups in my life to help teach me to be patient and to wait on Him.

Pups, Party Hats and Linus

I have been thinking about the post I made last night.  The whole pup bday thing really needs a little more description it was so unreal.  I have seen so many photos of dogs (and cats) wearing hats, kerchiefs, shirts you name it, that I keep on trying to get our pups to wear something besides their collars.  They just don’t like to wear anything, in fact they delight in taking things off that I have put on them. 

In the pictures I posted last night one might be deceived into thinking that Bonnie loved wearing her party hat while Belle absolutely hated it. The truth of the matter neither of the pups wanted to wear the party hat it’s just that when I was crazily snapping pictures Bonnie happened to be so enthralled with Belle’s reaction that she forgot to try to take her hat off!

Picture treats, party hats, a very patient husband/assistant, new toys that they weren’t supposed to see yet, and Lucy and Linus kitties who wanted in on the fun but from a safe distance.   The pups found the toys we bought them and they were just as interested in playing with the toys as they were in trying to take the party hats off that I kept putting on them. At the same time Greg is trying to get them  to sit pretty so I can take (cue the music) a most perfect Golden Retrievers with party hats on and smiles included picture that you will probably never see of our pups…

So even though they didn’t want to wear the hats, they still turned 2 years old, they still loved their toys and from all accounts had a happy birthday.

Side note this morning. Bonnie who doesn’t usually like tummy rubs all of a sudden decided they are the best thing since peanut butter stuffed Kongs.

 Linus had a bday this month as well he is now 1 year old,  He still likes to pounce, and bite, and snag you as you walk by him but he is growing up and is learning the fine art of snuggling and is teaching me where he likes to be petted. How do I know it’s a preferred place? He snuggles in for more instead of biting the hand that pets him. 

from our house to yours, that’s all for now!

As I write this I am listening to the clank, clank, clank of pool balls hitting one another. Linus has discovered our kid size pool and air hockey table. His new favorite game is putting his paw in the pocket where the balls are stored and batting them around.Image

Yesterday was a rainy morning and Bonnie was clearly dealing with some rainy day blues! Image

This week brought change into the pups lives, we didn’t think it was going to be a big deal but once again we discovered something new about our pups, Belle doesn’t like change.  We moved their crates to our upstairs hallway freeing up space in our dining room and moving the pups closer to us during the night.  At first they thought it was great fun finally being able to go upstairs when it had previously been off limits.  Both Bonnie and Belle explored our bedroom, the bathroom and esp. their crates which were now in a new environment.  That first night after the last potty time I said what we always say “Ok, pups bedtime!”  and Belle ran into the dining room and looked first at the spot where Bonnie’s crate used to be then at her spot then looked at me with a confused look on her face as if to say “And where would bedtime be?”  I said ” come on, upstairs!”  and up we went.  I had made sure that their blankets and stuffingless foxes were in their crates and in they went.  Both pups were uneasy but Bonnie settled down pretty fast. Belle kind of whimpered then with much sighing settled down.  

The  next morning we came downstairs and began our morning routine.  When the crates were in the dining room it wouldn’t be  unusual for the pups and Linus hang out in the crates so in an effort to make a comfy spot  I put a blanket on the floor where Bonnie’s crate had been.  Belle settled down on the blanket but clearly was still confused. Image 

Last night it went better, although since we have had the pups I have assumed any noise in the night was Miss Bonnie but I am learning that Belle is quite the restless sleeper. I know though that given time both pups will settle into our new routine and will think it’s the best thing since peanut butter and cheese stuffed Kongs!  


This and That

We have been very busy with the 2 legged people in our lives over the past few weeks. Our son in law’s father passed away suddenly so I spent several days helping out with our two oldest grandsons so the adults could take care of everything else.   Greg came down for the visitation and funeral and helped out as well.   Besides spending time with the kids I got to know our Granddog Patch better.  He is a Brittney spaniel mix with a big, big heart who loves to play.  At 8 months he tops both of our pups and is going to be a big boy.

While we were gone our tax refund check came and it had been placed up high where our pups couldn’t get to it…well we learned the hard way that things need to be place higher up than we thought as Miss Belle decided that she liked the crinkle of the envelope.  Greg took what was left of the check to the bank along with the joke about you know when your dog eats your homework… The bank referred us to the IRS. We are in the process of replacing the check.  Oh Pups!

Easter was this past weekend and we had a lot of family and extended family and friends in and out during the weekend.  Because our 5 grandkids are still very little (6 years-to almost a year) and our pups are still very boisterous the pups while the kids were up and about spent a lot of time in their puppy pen where they had a steady stream of company.

 Lucy Kitty is shy and pretty much hung out in the basement but she did venture upstairs during the late evening hours for her cuddles and gentle tummy rubs.  Linus Kitty on the other hand was up and around the action much more. He clearly favored our 5 year old grandson who enjoyed cuddle time with Linus during our early morning snuggle times.

As I write this Bonnie has been ringing the “gotta go out” chime in hopes that her sister who isn’t quite ready to wake up will go out with her. I answered the summons and let Bonnie out but she wanted right back in so that’s my indication that she wants Belle to go out with her.   Give her a few more minutes Bonnie pup.

Due to medication I am on for a bout of bronchitis I had trouble sleeping last night and Lucy kitty kept me company.  I was in a room and had the door almost shut when Lucy wandered in and upon hearing Linus who wa coming to investigate stood up on her hind feet and shut the door so Linus couldn’t come in.  Lucy clearly wanted some alone time with me, which was just fine.  She is good company and listening to her rumbly purrs serve to help me relax and get sleepy.

I would love to hear about the special 4 legged family members in your life.



Canine Good Citizen Class Challenges

Today was our second CGC class. The challenges started when we walked out the door. Bonnie immediately decided that she was just fine staying home thank you very much. With the help of a treat and Greg encouraging her she made it into the van.

I sat in the back with the pups to help them especially Bonnie with the drive. They did better with the rumble strips this time although Bonnie needed a lot of reassurance pretty much the whole trip there. Belle was very interested in watching cars. She alternated looking out the side windows and well as the back window even giving a bark to the car behind us that she apparently thought was traveling too close to our van. I had purchased two squeaky monkey toys to keep the pups entertained on the 40 min drive to class. They could have cared less in fact the only one so far that has really liked them is Lucy kitty and that’s completely out of character for her but that’s a story for another day.

Lucy cuddling with the toy monkey.

Lucy cuddling with the toy monkey.

When we arrived at class the dogs magically changed personalities. Bonnie who is our act first think later pup after the first few minutes was calm and pretty focused and Belle our calm, laid back pup freaked out. Greg had to take her outside twice to help her calm down. Outside away from all the other dogs, enticing smells, and chaos she did great sit/stays as well as wonderful down/stays.

Greg brought her back in just as we were getting ready to walk an obstacle course made up of crate trays, carpet squares, 3 very yummy open boxes of treats, a statue of a small dog that every dog in the place thought was real, one person sitting half way through throwing a frisbee and keys on the floor and another person sitting with the dreaded bouncing ball. We all went through the course three times. The first time it was just get through it to expose the pups to it. The second time we had to sit by the people sitting in the chairs and the third time we had the choice of going through on leash or off leash both Greg and I chose on leash.

Bonnie did pretty well, our challenge was the carpet squares with all the wonderful scents on it and the fact that Bonnie has been trained to walk on my right side and now she needs to walk on the left side. Belle’s challenge was having to walk on the crate trays. She wouldn’t do it although by the third time she did put one paw on it in order to reach the treat. She handled the rest fairly well.

The instructor came up to talk to us when class was over and next time she wants us to change dogs half way through. She is concerned about Belle’s anxiety and said that if she were to take a therapy dog test today she would fail and we realize that. We are to take both pups but especially Belle out to a store at least once a week to get her more used to being around lots of people and activity.

The trip home went well, the pups were so tired out that even the rumble strips didn’t wake them up.

Bonnie Pup

Bonnie Pup

Belle Pup

Belle Pup

We would love to have the pups become therapy dogs but our main concern is helping them feel less anxious, Bonnie about riding in the van and Belle about well everything. At home she is so comfy and at ease with everything. I’m beginning to think that she is like the rest of us and has a difficult time coming out of her comfort zone.

So we have things to work on , a lot of things but right now, we’re going to take a nap!

Nap Time!

Nap Time!